Rod and Staff

Over the years Sheri has created many “mattah” for a variety of people. Few people know that she still creates them. The use of the rod and staff in worship and intercession which Sheri has pioneered, has inspired a series of walking sticks. The rod or staff (or “mattah” in the Hebrew as in Psalm 23:4) comes from ancient Biblical history. Tribes and clans used staffs which carried their insignia and their family¹s history carved into the wood. Some rods are produced from natural Aspen wood from the National Forest near Pagosa Springs, Colorado.  Sheri and her family harvest the Aspen (legally,) strip them, and allow them to cure for a year. Sheri and her father Don, a master woodcarver, carve and wood burn feathers into some of the rods. The feathers symbolize the shelter and comfort provided by God¹s love for us, as we and our families walk through life. The wheat on others symbolizes Sheri’s Kansas roots and the “harvest.” Some custom rods for which Sheri has been commissioned have included; listings of family lineage, a representation of the Crown of Thorns, favorite scripture verses, and commemoration of a birth or other significant life event.






For a little perspective on how tall they are anywhere from 4-7 feet long.

If you are interested in creating a special “mattah” for someone in your family or church for Christmas, just call Sheri at 615-394-4525 or email her at



"If you keep doing what you're doing, you'll keep getting what you're getting . . ."